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Yep... Here is all the content on the site. enjoy :)

messanger logz - why though?

What's up?

Date: 08.15.20 - 19:10
Eat: Nothing.
Drink: Water
Wear: Old Zaarly T-Shirt, Jeans
Feel: Tired, sadly.
Doing: updating pages
Hear: Siyeon chatting
Wishing: For a little more energy.
Talking: Nobody


This is the little download section. I surf the net a lot, and I find fun and useful things that you can download. When I find something, I put it here. Enjoy!

Cool Edit Pro [ d ]
16 Color 2.0 Pixel Animator [ d ]
Blackice Defender 2.5 [ d ]
Weezer - Undone "The Sweater Song" [ d ]
Weezer - In The Garage [ d ]


This is my desktop. No, you can't download it. I don't see why you would want to... It's just here for you to look at.

My Desktop screenshot.

Site Info

Required: To view this site you need the resolution of 1024x768 or higher, because 800x600 will look bad. If you're using Netscape or AOL, I'm sure this looks bad, so download MSIE.
Made With: This site was made with notepad, and a little of Dreamweaver UltraDev 4. The graphics were made with Photoshop 6.
Copyright: What's the point of putting a copyright on the site, when you will end up taking something anyways. I can't stop you. All I'm saying is make up your stuff. Feel free to look at my source and learn from it, but don't steal it. I'll find out sooner or later.


guestbook - Trying to find a good way to host my own guestbook. This is a temporary one.
digitaldennisnet - AIM is back baby!

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Here are some buttons if you wanna link me, you can use any button you want. But they aren't ready. :D


Working on getting the links together. I will also get the webring going like the good old days.